Groundwater Commitment

The groundwater-monitoring program includes regular planned monitoring of wells placed around the active areas of the landfill. The locations of the wells are selected to detect groundwater that flows beneath the landfill, wastewater (leachate) management area, and storage pond.

The depth of the monitoring wells has been selected to monitor both the upper and lowermost water bearing zones that are encountered at the facility.

All monitoring, laboratory analysis, and review of data are completed by outside companies in compliance with all applicable permit requirements and state and federal laws.

Groundwater monitoring wells are used to enhance environmental protection at landfills. Riverbend operates using stringent standards, policies, and procedures to ensure that a high level of consistency and quality is built into each monitoring location. Samples are collected routinely at permit-specified time intervals, and analyzed by state-approved and qualified independent laboratories. The lab results are evaluated and then sent to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for review. This process allows potential environmental concerns to be identified early, and aggressively evaluated and corrected (when necessary) in accordance with regulations and sound scientific approaches.